Жизнь с невидимкой

Жизнь с невидимкой

Жизнь с невидимкой

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0h 44m 2022 HD

Ver Жизнь с невидимкой Película Completa Online. The film tells about one of the most familiar to man and at the same time the most amazing substances of the surrounding world, about air, about its natural properties, about the contradictions and costs of its uncontested "cohabitation" with a person. The basis of the film's narrative will be the monologues of recognized experts in various fields of knowledge and various fields of activity, each of which will characterize the air from their professional point of view.

  • Género: Documental
  • País:
  • Director: Boris Karadzhev
  • Actores:
Жизнь с невидимкой (2022)
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