За горизонт

За горизонт

За горизонт

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Ver За горизонт Película Completa Online. The film is based on the real story of the life of one strong person who, despite everything, was able to step beyond the horizon of his own capabilities. And we all have something to learn from him. Alexander Zhuravlev, a resident of Yekaterinburg, went blind at age 11 and has only 2% residual vision. A few years ago, he decided that in fact he did not sign the verdict and did not become disabled. Alexander began to travel independently, mastered mountain skiing and, finally, began to take pictures. An exhibition of the hero’s works was opened in Moscow, where everyone could look at the pictures of nature. So a blind photographer showed people what a beautiful world surrounds them. His photographs are a reason to ask yourself the question: “Why does a blind guy show me the world? Why didn't I see all this? ”This is a reason to see my opportunities. This is a reason to look beyond the horizon.

За горизонт (2017)
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