Новогодняя история

Новогодняя история

Новогодняя история

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1h 37m 1997 HD

Ver Новогодняя история Película Completa Online. A secret unit to combat aliens has been operating since the Second World War, as we learn from newsreels. The action is transferred to New Year's Eve, 1998, to the Gorky Film Studio, where the New Year's program is being filmed. Among the filmmakers, in addition to the mummers, there was also one real Santa Claus, who has been fulfilling one wish once a year for 2 million years. Three guards, a girl from a variety show, a revived dummy and a mischievous boy fought off the international anti-alien forces and tried to come up with this one desire, but they could not. And when Santa Claus disappeared (his time was up) everyone found a gift in the bag that perfectly matched their wishes.

Новогодняя история (1997)
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