Strēlnieku zvaigznājs

Strēlnieku zvaigznājs

Strēlnieku zvaigznājs

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0h 50m 1980 HD

Ver strēlnieku zvaigznājs Película Completa Online. A collective portrait of the Latvian Red Riflemen is made up of memories told by the old men themselves. Unique and harsh are their destinies during the World War I and the revolution, at the opposite fronts of civil war, in 1930s. The victories of the Riflemen, their courage, confidence, pain and tragedy. The authors of the film have been able to save these tales from the relentless flow of time and make everyone realise the role of the Latvian Riflemen in history and nation.

Strēlnieku zvaigznājs (1980)
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